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Updating the Deep Recovery Promises

One of the tools we use in Deep Recovery is the promises we make. Initially, there were five. I have recently rewritten them to make them more clear. The result is there are now six promises.

The Six Promises are:

o I will abandon all false ideas I have had about myself and God, as I become aware of them, endeavoring to recover the divine image God intended for me.

o I confess I am powerless over my corrupt nature, and choose to turn my will over to God, asking Him continuously for help and strength.

o I will cleanse myself from all hurtful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are inconsistent with the goals and principles I have learned in the course.

o Through regular prayer and contemplation I will cultivate the moral and spiritual clarity needed to respond to the world in healthy and constructive ways.

o Having come to understand that I cannot do this alone, I will work out my spiritual and emotional health within a community of those who share my journey, values, and faith.

o Having gained greater interior liberty by applying these principles, I will always endeavor to contribute to the wellbeing of others – to those nearest me first, then my church and community at large.

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