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The Christian Neurotheology and Spirituality Seminar

The Deeper Image

What is The Deeper Image? It's the seminar and course based on the Deep Recovery workbook but made for the average person. It is for Christians, or anyone, interested in recovering the Imago Dei. But what if recovering the divine image was more wonderful, mind-blowing even, than you have been told? What if it included discovering how the Christian Faith can reshape our neurobiology to restore what we were meant to be from the beginning?

This seminar borrows the material from the Deep Recovery Course applied to Christian Formation. You will discover mind-blowing truths that will help bring new meaning to prayer, sanctification and salvation. Contact us to learn how to schedule a 3-Day Intensive seminar now.

The Spiritual Mind.png
The Spiritual Mind.png

The Neurotheology of Christianity

Rev. Mirabile will come to speak to your church about the neurobiology of faith practice. Once you learn these principles, you will discover a new "Why" you are to truly practice our religion. You will learn what neurobiologically healthy religion is and how the practice of it helps create in us a "God-shaped" brain.


Contact us to have Rev. Mirabile present this groundbreaking material to your group or church. 

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