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Deep Recovery Leaders Training Course Sadly Interrupted

We began the Deep Recovery Leaders Training Course on January 8th with about thirteen in our online class. Our participants include clergymen, Recovery Center leaders, and men and women engaged in ministry in various other ways. It was going well wife had a massive heart attack.

Yes, the LDA (left descending artery), the widow maker, was blocked. Over two weeks ago I brought her to the hospital in the middle of the night with chest pain. That was the diagnosis, and they installed a stent. She appeared to recover quickly. We had already planned a vacation and the doctors thought it would be good therapy to relax for a few days. All was well, we thought. So off we went.

Three days into our vacation in Mexico, my wife collapsed in the street. We rushed her to a nearby hospital and learned that she was in heart failure. All in all, we were in the hospital there for 9 days as they performed numerous tests and monitored her recovery. These events necessitated the cancellation of class for two consecutive weeks. This would have been unbearable except for the many prayers that were offered on our behalf by friends. we were relieved to finally leave Mexico last Wednesday and arrive in Atlanta, where my wife is recovering with my daughter.

Yesterday, February 19, we resumed classes and expect to finish this unit by the 18th. If you found your class interrupted, or if you would like to do a leaders course, have no fear, I will offer the class again after Easter. That class will be posted on our website, and you can register for it there. Please join me in praying for that the Deep Recovery Course is used by our Lord to heal many more people. And thanks for your prayers and understanding during this difficult time.

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