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DR is growing!

2024 will be a year of growth for Deep Recovery. We began virtual training in January for several people who were considering running a course and wanted to know more about it. That was followed up by a second leaders training course to equip those who will run a course this year. Based on these efforts we hope to see 4-5 courses beginning in the next six months. Possible locations will be California, 2 locations in Charleston, Virginia and New Hampshire.

I will be in Charleston leading a 3-Day Intensive course in mid-June. This is event is sponsored by Why Not Charleston. We are happy to be working with WNT and Kathy B. Lewis who have hosted previous 3-Day Intensives and will be running their own courses, including one for women. Kathy has been a staunch supporter of Deep Recovery.

Are you interested in attending a course where you are? We partner with orthodox Christian churches and individuals that are a good fit for our course. Consider sponsoring a 3-Day Intensive Course and subsequent leaders training course.

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