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From Hopeless to Proud!

By Josh T.

Before I started DR, I was lost, hopeless. I was stuck in self-destructive patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. My whole sense of self was broken and my ego shattered. I was ready to end my life. I hit my knees and asked God to send me a life-line. I tried other recovery programs and methods and knew I needed something new and different. Deep Recovery was that lifeline that God gave me.

I would love to say the first time around, I gained control of it all. But I knew that I finally discovered something that started transformation at my core! It began a process, and now I have attended three, 12-week courses. First, I started to become aware of the false beliefs that were the "operating systems" of my life. Then I learned a number of tools that gave me back control over myself.

After about 15 months of working Deep Recovery, I have gained some much needed healing and freedom from the thoughts and behaviors that kept me stuck for so long. I am beyond grateful to both God and Fr. Matthew. For the first time, I am truly proud of man I am becoming.

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