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Mental health is spiritual too.

Inside the church and out, people are in pain.

Mental health issues are every bit as spiritual as anything else. When you can't get past the pain of unexpected loss, or can't control your thoughts of failure or can't overcome compulsive behaviors the problem is no less spiritual than it is biological or cognitive. These problems affect our health, our relationships, our financial wellbeing and our peace. A healthy spirituality addresses all the domains of human thriving. Discover the spiritual practices positively affect our cognitive and neurobiological health and wellbeing. Deep Recovery addresses every domain of the human person.

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About Deep Recovery Course

The Deep Recovery Course is the only faith-based 12 week course we know of that applies brain-changing skills grounded in neuroscience. I designed it for anyone that wants to overcome persistent and damaging patterns of thinking and behavior to find lasting freedom.

You will learn why trauma affects us the way it does, how positive faith affects the brain positively, and how targeted religious practices hack our neurobiology and help us regain control of our mind, emotions and actions, and how restructuring our lives cements lasting change in place.

The Course

A qualified leader vetted by the author runs each course using the Deep Recovery Workbook. It is open to everyone, regardless of gender, faith or background. We base the course on a thoroughly Christian anthropology (understanding of the human person), which is foundational to the course.

Our unique approach covers a broad range of problems; from substance abuse and pornography addiction, to depression and anxiety, to perpetual busyness and relationship problems. Few problems are outside the scope of this approach. 

Class sizes are relatively small and confidentiality is strictly enforced. Discussion is always present and forward focused, not focused on the past. Details about particular types of events are not shared openly, only alluded to. In this way the focus remains on moving forward and staying with the present, rather than revisiting and dwelling on the past.

Deep Recovery is a Trauma informed course. Our focus is on developing skills to move forward and "rewire" new behaviors and thinking.


Understanding Your Emotions

October 6, 2025

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If you would like to run receive our workbook or run a course, please send us a message and we’ll get back to you soon.

194 Rochester Hill Road, Rochester, NH 03867

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