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The Physics of the Deep Recovery Program

The Deep Recovery Course is different from many other modes of treatment for mental health and addiction disorders. It relies on two scientific fields of inquiry: physics and systems theory.

Physics, we know, is the branch of science that deals with the fundamental principles of nature and the properties of matter and energy. We use it to understand how the universe works at its most basic level. Physics encompasses a wide range of study, including things like classical mechanics, thermodynamics, or electromagnetism. In this case we want to describe the fundamental forces and interactions that govern our minds. In other words, we want to understand how our inner experience works.

Systems theory is a relatively recent and obscure field that helps us understand how complex systems work. It focuses on understanding the relationships and interactions between the different parts of a system instead of looking at them in isolation. Systems theory views a system as a collection of interconnected parts that work together to achieve a common goal or function. The mind is a complex system.

The image above demonstrates the cognitive mode we work with, based on systems thinking, developed by Matthew Mirabile, author of the course. Here we show how the mind is cyclonic-dynamic, not static! If we were to take a snapshot of our cyclonic thinking process, and how it connected with our emotions and physical sensations, it would be represented this way. Here we see how an experience triggers bodily sensations or emotions (or both) and the process that begins in our minds. Negative experiences especially will trigger memories, hopes and/or hurts which then trigger impulses, planning (to act) and rationalizations that give us permission to act. When this process is negative, the rationalizations we use justify our actions.

Our core beliefs about the world collide with our experience in an area we call the subconscious reactive zone. Most of this process is subconscious, but with some help, we can begin to understand what is happening to us and awaken to arrest interior processes that lead to negative results in our lives.

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